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When you’re planning a trip to Africa, you will most likely come across all sorts of information.

The news always shows the most negative aspects of Africa, which is only part of the day to day Africa that we know and love. Unfortunately there are very few reports about all of the wonderful and great things happening on the African continent, so it’s not uncommon to feel nervous about going there.

Africa is a huge continent made up of 54 countries. Of course there are dangerous places (as there are in every continent) but most dangers can be easily avoided or managed.

So to help you prepare for your upcoming travels, we have pulled together top tips and advice for travel in Africa, based on our experiences.
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Travel Insurance

  • Visa is much more widely accepted than Mastercard or any other card so always take a Visa card with you.
  • You can use ATM’s as you go. However, it’s always good to have cash to change, just in case the ATM’s aren’t working/empty.
  • Remember to tell your bank where you are going, otherwise they may block your cards.
  • Try and get cards that don’t charge commission when you take out money in a foreign country.
  • There are ATM’s and FOREX bureaus in most major cities and towns but you may have to try a couple as they don’t always have enough money in.
  • Sign up for Western Union, just in case you need money wiring to you. There are Western Union branches everywhere.
  • Download a currency conversion app onto your phone (like Units Plus) so that you can always check how you are paying, as it can get confusing when you are moving between countries that have similar currencies, with different values.

Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after the date you intend to leave the country and you will need to have at least 2 blank pages for every country you intend to travel to.

So make sure you have room in your passport for the countries you intend to travel to.

If you have dual nationality, it’s worth checking both of your passports to see which one will work best for you. However, if you are travelling to different countries, you can only use one passport for the duration of your trip.


You will need a visa for most African countries. For some countries or special types of visa you will need to apply in advance. Sometimes this is online and other times from the embassy in your own country or in a neighboring African country.

Others you’ll be able to get at the point of entry (airport/border).

Traveling requirements or necessities to a more pleasurable trip consider these logistics before traveling:

Primary language
SIM Cards
Power wattage

Currency, Language, Location no problem get it all with just a click of a button on your phone

XE Currency


Aside from your routine vaccinations (MMR, Polio, Diptheria, Meningitis etc) – Hepatitis A, Hepititis B (3 x vaccinations), Tetanus and Typhoid are all highly recommended.

3 x Rabies vaccinations are also recommended if you are going to be visiting any remote areas or likely to come into contact with animals.

A Yellow Fever is compulsary for some places.

Just remember that you need to get some over the course of a few months, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Vaccinations and Malaria Prevention

The World Health Organization is the place to find out about any particular issues that are affecting the areas you might be travelling to or you can try The Travel Doctor, another great resource when looking at what precautions you need to take in which countries.

Yellow Fever

A Yellow Fever certificate is required if you are travelling from a country where Yellow Fever is a risk (this can include transit too but only usually if you have spent more than 12 hours in a risk country) .

Do make sorting out your Yellow Fever certificate a priority as some countries will not let you in without it, or they’ll make you get a shot at the airport (if available).


Malaria is rife in many parts of Africa. Taking anti-malarials is a personal choice and some people don’t like them as the side effects can be a bit nasty.