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Mauritius, a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, will fascinate you. The contrast of colours, cultures and tastes makes the island so charming that the scene is set for an unforgettable holiday.

Here, you have the opportunity to experience unparalleled luxury: a level of refinement that is head and shoulders above that on offer in other tropical holiday destinations. Here, you will discover the true meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realization that will compel you to return to Mauritius’ shores time and again.

Located in the southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate that is greatly affected by southeast trade winds. The weather in Mauritius is warm and pleasant the whole year long. You can also swim throughout the year in the Indian Ocean due to the water temperature.

The main island of Mauritius and its surrounding smaller islands offer picture-perfect beaches with warm water, swaying palm trees, and mountainous backdrops of lush greenery – this is just the perfect destination for your beach vacation!-and baecation too! Perfect for honeymoons…also a family friendly destination.

Country currency being Mauritian rupee.

Summer: November to April

The weather is hot and humid during these months, with peaks in temperatures occurring in the months of December, January and February. Rainfall is abundant, especially on the central plateau. The highest rainfall normally occurs in the months of February and March. Daylight hours typically run from 5.30am to 7.00pm.

This is the best time for scuba diving – especially December through to March – and for deep-sea fishing.

The cyclonic season extends right the way through from November to April. Most of the time, the cyclones manage to avoid Mauritius because of the small size of the island. However, if they come close enough, the bad weather may affect vegetation and certain wooden buildings. Please rest assured that beach resorts have been constructed in such a way as to be able to resist strong cyclonic winds.

Winter: May to December

The temperature is cooler during this season, and prevailing winds tend to blow over the island from the east and south-east. This is the best time to visit Mauritius. The weather is quite comfortable!

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This is no doubt the Islands most beautiful coastlines. The East Coast is home to all top hotels, the white beautiful sandy beaches, lots of privacy; luxury accommodations ….you can never get enough of it!


The main International Airport in Mauritius is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam airport. It is located about 48 km’s from the capital city of Port Louis. It takes approximately 1 hour or so to get to your resort.

You can fly in directly from Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Europe and Dubai. Air Mauritius and Air France are the most widely used flights on this route.

Upon arrival you can use the local transport to your lodge, but beware of your surroundings and make sure to agree on price before you depart.