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The term ‘Magical Kenya” was derived literally from the magical destinations that the country boasts about! From wide open savannahs to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya Kenya is nothing if not magical. The Indian Ocean meets Kenyan shores to the east, while Lake Victoria joins Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda together in the west. Dust clouds form across the plains as over a million wildebeest and zebra make their annual stampede to and from the Masai Mara plains.

Kenya’s rich diversity of wildlife means that no two experiences in the wild are ever the same.

Swahili is the most spoken language in Kenya and the currency is (Kenyan Shillings) . The rich cultures of the Kenyan people are some of the must learn things while in Kenya. The Masai community, the most interesting of them all, is a very fascinating culture. A tour to the Masai Manyatta (traditional homes of the masai people) while on safari is an extremely exceptional experience. Masai Mara is one of the best destinations to learn more about the Masai people and their rich culture.

The icing on Kenya’s wildlife cake is the annual Wildebeest Migration at the infamous Masai Mara migration between mid-August and late October. This is the best example of wild nature at its best as hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, topi and elands cross the Mara River. The wildebeest migration is now rated one of the wonders of the world.

Destination Kenya offers a holiday for every traveler. We offer child friendly activities e.g., feeding the giraffes during breakfast at the famous Giraffe Manor in Karen-Nairobi. We also offer romantic hideaways where you can enjoy a bit of privacy, dinner under the stars, adventurous activities with friends and family…the list is endless!


Summer is from December to March (the hottest months are February and March) while the coldest winter months are July and August.
The long rains of inland Kenya occur from mid-March to June and short rains from October to December. Rain can be expected anytime in the west and from mid-March to the end of May on the coast.

Best time to go on a kenyan safari

January to the end of March is traditionally seen as the best time to go on a Kenya safari: the weather is hot and dry, wildlife is concentrated at water sources and the bird watching is at its best.
However, it is worth considering a visit to Kenya during the rains of mid-March to June and October to December. It is still possible to get around, the scenery is spectacular and there are far fewer visitors.

Best time for a kenyan migration safari

Around mid-August the wildebeest – until this point in Tanzania’s Serengeti – start crossing the Sand River and into the Masai Mara. They will stay there until the late October/November rains whereupon the herds will start to move south again, out of the Masai Mara and back into the Serengeti.

When to go for a beach holiday in Kenya

It’s always hot and humid on the coast but there is a short rainy season from mid-March to the end of May. Rain tends to fall in the morning or evening.

Depending on when your Kenya safari takes place, Kenya’s game viewing experience is absolutely phenomenal! Game viewing is actually the back bone on Kenya’s tourism industry…that goes to tell just how excellent the experience can be. It is impossible to put down the experience on paper…Let our experts take you through the booking process and guide you through each area to make every experience memorable…it will be hard not to come back to Kenya!

Optional Excursions

The intrigue and adventure of Kenya reaches back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts also offers a holiday for every traveler. We offer child friendly activities e.g., feeding the giraffes during breakfast at the famous Giraffe Manor in Karen-Nairobi.

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It is impossible to put down the experience on paper…Let our experts take you through the booking process…it will be hard not to come back to Kenya!

Kenya was the first country where safaris originated from. It is home to the most sought after game, the BIG 5. A Kenyan safari has just about everything you would be looking for while on vacation in Africa. Beautiful diversity of landscapes, breathtaking balloon safaris, bird and plant life, not to mention the most interesting African Cultures. Kenya is well known to be a naturally beautiful country and is often combined with Tanzania and the coastal beaches of Zanzibar.


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International Flights to Kenya

International flights to Kenya land at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), located 15km southeast of the capital.

If you’re not going into Nairobi however, you’ll be heading – depending on your domestic carrier or Charter Company – for either Jomo Kenyatta’s domestic terminals or nearby Wilson Airport for regional flights.

Regional Flights

Kenya’s Wilson Airport (WIL) is a regional airport about 90 minutes by road from Jomo Kenyatta. It is the hub for nearly all of Kenya’s internal flights and is the airport for fly-in Kenya safari destinations. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time between your international and domestic flight when transferring between Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson airports – airport and traffic delays are a distinct possibility.

Domestic air services operate between the major airports in Nairobi and Mombasa, whose airport – Moi Mombasa International Airport (MBA) – is about 10km northwest of the town itself and is regarded as Kenya’s gateway to Mombasa, the Kenyan coast and its islands.